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Honda Element radio installation

My Honda Element has two radios: an ICOM IC-706mkIIg and an IC-2820H. Both radios have detached heads that are mounted within easy reach of the driver. The installations of these systems are pictured below. The 2m radio gets use around town and the HF rig provides hours of enjoyment on those long drives. (Looking at these pictures makes me realize: I really need to clean my car!)

The heads for the two radios are mounted on stalks between the driver and passenger seats.

Above is another view of the two radio heads (and the matching speakers). It makes for a very nice installation.

The antenna mounts for the two radios are fixed to the rear roof rack (VHF/UHF) and to the side of the vehicle as shown above. A quick disconnect allows for easy stowage of the 102 inch whip by just twisting, pulling, and sticking it in the car.

The coax for the VHF/UHF antenna is fed through the sun roof in the rear of the vehicle. It then loops trough the rear hand-hold and down into the floor.

The wiring mess for the HF radio is organized under the driver seat. All wires are routed under the plastic floor panels where possible.

The ICOM IC-706mkIIg and AH-4 antenna tuner are mounted on the passenger side on the rear wall near the tail gate. The connectors on the radio are easy to reach because the radio is in the clear. It is also open to the air so it stays relatively cool. The feed point to the antenna is just inches from the AH-4 tuner, straight through the body, and to the base of the steel whip.