Great Gizmos

I've got some great radio gizmos. I'll add them to this page a few at a time.

PortPaddles-smallBegali Traveler Paddles. I purchased these paddles after receiving my DXCC Challenge award. I'm hoping to do some in-the-field CW in the coming seasons.
IMG_3609Elecraft KX2 Transceiver The smaller cousin to the KX3 is perfect for remote operation. I've already begun using this as my go-to radio for work on Lovells and Georges Islands in Boston Harbor.
IMG_3610Elecraft KX3 The KX3 has been a workhorse for me doing QRP and 100 watt operations. I've used it for chasing DX at home, and being DX on the Boston Harbor Islands. It is a solid, surprisingly full-featured radio in a very compact package.
IMG_3171Operation from Boston Harbor Islands Here is the KX3 and its companion PX3 (see below) at work on a summer's evening.
IMG_3611Elecraft PX3 spectrum displayThe KX3 exports the I/Q signals through a connector that can be read by any software defined radio hardware, including the very nice, compact, Elecraft PX3. It is a perfect companion to the KX3 radio.
IMG_3612Elecraft KXPA100 100-watt linear amplifier The Elecraft KX3 is a QRP radio (maximum 12 watts) but can be QRO with the edition of this smart amplifier with built-in autotuner.
Begali Sculpture Paddles. June 2009. These paddles were a gift from Sandy. Amazing, I know! Now I've got a very strong incentive to get my paddling skills up to snuff.