After months of writing, review, editing, and more review, Buddipole in the Field went to press in March 2010. The book is a complete guide to the Buddipole, Inc. antenna systems including the Buddipole, Buddipole Deluxe, Buddistick, and Yagi configuration from Buddipole components. The book covers deployment options from balconies and rooftops, ground mounted, on the beach, and other portable situations. It has 11 chapters, 5 appendices, and over 150 pages of great stuff. Best of all: the book is released under a Creative Commons license and is downloadable as a PDF for free. You can find the PDF version of the book on the Buddipole Documentation webpage, or you can purchase a paperback copy of the book for $15 from the Buddipole Accessories page.

Buddipole in the Field was released at the Massachusetts QRP Convention in 2010.